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The project of Proytec arose in 1989 created by people who worked in the multinational company Wilson Walton International S.A.E. The members of this group agreed to become independent creating a new company (Cathodic Protection (C.I.) for Small Vessels S.L.). However maintaining technological collaboration such as the manufacturing of Titanium anodes which are developed by us for Wilson Walton International.

Cathodic Protection (C.I.) for Small Vessels S.L. was created with the objective of offering a solution against corrosion based on the application of impressed current to small and medium sized vessels. This market is still evolving and until now has lacked products based on this technique since the only ones available for this type of vessels were those traditionally used for cathodic protection known as sacrificial anodes.

The characteristics of the products for small boats and vessels has a great future due to many factors:

All this demonstrated that impressed current for small boats and vessels was possible and more importantly that it was reliable and attainable.

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