Cathodic protection
     for boats

For commercial inquiries related to Proytec products, budgets and installation requests, please review the list below in order to find your nearest dealer.

If your region is not covered by any of our dealers, please address your inquiry to Headquarters.


Phone: +34 649 195 530

Protección Catódica (C.I.) de Pequeñas Embarcaciones S.L.
Ecuador 10, bajo 18
28220 Majadahonda
Madrid -SPAIN-


Iberian Peninsula

MEDITERRANEAN : Javier Martínez Varó.

GALICIA : Progener Power Systems. Contacto: Alfonso Rey.

CANTABRIAN : Pasch & Cia.

PORTUGAL : Comint Internacional.

Other Countries

NETHERLANDS : 3B-Industries []

EE UU : Patricia López-Calleja (Springfield Gardens, New York)

VENEZUELA : Aegean Maritime, C.A.

ARGENTINA, CHILE Y URUGUAY : Protección Catódica Naval C.I.

PANAMA : Electrical Professional Service, S.A. [ ]

BRASIL : Sebastião Ribeiro

MEXICO : Edelnort Technical Service Mexico []

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