Cathodic protection
     for boats

Titanium power filter

It has been well documented that boats moored in marinas undergo a tremendous amount of corrosion. Sometimes we detect excessive wear and tear on anodes above the normal expected amount resulting in the destruction of the anode before scheduled replacement maintenance can take place. This type of corrosion tends to cause enormous damage to the boat below the water line.

The cause of this corrosion has been attributed to the close proximity of boats with metallic surfaces under water giving off positive current. The large size of some boats can give off enough current to cause damage to neighboring boats. The cause for the excessive current is due to dock power that is fed into boats through cables, as well as grounding cables that are used to protect the inhabitants of the boats.

dock or marina

The undesired effect of the grounding cable is that it unites all the submerged metals (hulls, propellers, shafts, etc.) of all the boats in the marina thus neutralizing the cathodic protection of each boat. The actual power or protection level indicated to protect each boat can therefore be changed due to the excessive current created by this unifying effect of the grounding cable and thus cause corrosion.

The Proytec Titanium Power Filter (substitutes isolation transformers), in addition to acting as a ground, prevents the neutralization of the cathodic protection system and keeps the boat in a state of permanent protection.

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